The Kiwi, now fully embedded as a race winner in IndyCar, stopped short of weighing in on the latest parity drama in Supercars when quizzed on the matter on the eve of this weekend's Indianapolis 500.

McLaughlin instead highlighted that arguments over technical parity are somewhat inevitable in the highly-political Supercars paddock.

He does have personal experience with parity claims, having been central to one of the fiercest in the history of the category when the Gen2 Ford Mustang was introduced in 2019.

The second of McLaughlin's three titles was overshadowed by the remarkably fast Mustang package that ultimately led to significant in-season aero and Centre of Gravity changes to both that car and the ZB Holden Commodore.

This time Ford is on the disadvantaged side of the parity debate, with the Gen3 Chevrolet Camaro looking to be the better package compared to the Mustang.

As it stands much of that is thought to be centred on the two engines, which, for the first time, are built on two vastly different platforms – a quad cam Ford V8 and pushrod Chev V8.

When asked by Autosport for his take on the Gen3 parity situation, McLaughlin said: "I guess not much has changed from when I was there.

"It's a common word that gets drawn up in Supercars lands unfortunately. I'm not close enough now to have a direct idea of what's going on.

Scott McLaughlin, DJR Team Penske Ford

"I've hardly seen many races this year just from the timing and whatever has been going on, but I've read a few articles.

"It just... is what it is. I feel like it's always going to be a thing. I just don't think you'll get away from it in Australia and New Zealand."

McLaughlin is awkwardly placed when it comes to commenting on parity – and not just because of his personal experience with the Gen2 Mustang.

He won his three Supercars titles and controversial Bathurst 1000 crown with Dick Johnson Racing, the Ford homologation team that designed and developed the Gen2 Mustang, and led the Blue Oval's efforts with the Gen3 Mustang.

However he is also now aligned to Chevrolet through Team Penske's IndyCar programme.

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